Hello Beloved,

It is written in Deuteronomy 28:6: ” Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out.” Is there a mistake in the wording of this passage of Scripture? Shouldn’t the departure precede the arrival? No, the Bible did not make a mistake and the verse was well formulated. Let me explain this to you through examples.

When you want to build a three-floor building, you will not start by making the foundation of a low-rise villa. You will make the foundation according to the building you want to build, that is, a foundation that can support the first floor and the additional floors! Similarly, if you want to start a race, the impulse and speed to start a 100-meter run will be different from those to run a 5-kilometer marathon! If you start running at high speed at the beginning when you have to run 5 kilometers, you will be out of breath and you will not arrive at your destination. You can see that the start is always evaluated according to the finish. In other words, the finish determines the quality of the start.

In order for you to succeed in all your departures, your heavenly Father will always begin by putting in your mind the thought of the goal to be reached, that is, the arrival. You must therefore dream of the goal, have a vision of the finish line you are aiming for. It is like when you use a GPS to reach a destination: you must imperatively insert, before your departure, the address of the arrival so that this tool directs you towards your destination.

Do you dream of becoming a surgeon in a few years? Insert the address “surgeon” in the GPS of your heart and the Lord will guide you to start your medical studies and specialization in surgery to get there! Do you dream of having a happy and fulfilling home that glorifies the Lord? This should influence your initial choice of an ideal spouse and the attitudes that will promote happiness in your home. So insert the appropriate destination address. Do you want to win the nations for Christ in your ministry? Don’t become proud and settle into a comfort zone after you have a church of 10,000 members. Put the address “winning the nations for Christ” in the GPS of your heart and work to win souls for the Lord, not only in your area of residence but also outside the borders of the country you are in. This will determine the route you will take to get to your destination, a blessed destination.

So how will you know that your arrival is blessed? As a child of God, aim to please the Lord, for He is called the Alpha and Omega, that is, the beginning and the end (Revelation 22:13). Seek to be pleasing to Him at the end in social, professional, family, material, financial, business, etc.! This will determine the blessing you must have at the start.

“Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, Whose heart is set on pilgrimage.”, says the Bible in Psalms 84:5. Yes, Beloved, it is by letting His Holy Spirit guide you towards the final search for His glory, that He will give you, not only a good start, but also a path all traced by Him. Even if on the way, you happen to go astray, He will recalculate, just like a GPS, to guide you back on the path you must take so that you arrive at this blessed finish line … from the start!

God bless you!

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