Today, I would like to exhort you on the need of develop your reaction to your neighbour. In your walk with the Lord Jesus, are you currently crossing a wilderness? Are you faced with the lack of a vital need such as peace, childbirth, marriage, employment, health, so forth? If this is the case, know that what God plans to give you to quench your thirst and your loved ones’ own in such circumstances, is not a water point; but rivers of living water that will make you a source of blessing for many (John 7:38). To achieve this, it is essential that you give up your selfish ambitions and that you develop the reflex of thinking of others. It is important that you show compassion to others and be the one who meets their needs.

To put an end bareness, Hannah did not think of her home alone. She made a vow to God: to give the son God would give to her for service in His house. In return, not only did the Lord grant her Samuel who was a great source of blessing for Israel, He also gave her five other children. (1 Samuel 1; 11, 20; 2: 21).

“Please let a little water be brought, and wash your feet, and rest yourselves under the tree: this text from Genesis 18:4 quotes Abraham who offered his hospitality to three travellers who passed nearby his house. He did this strong act while he was deprived of an essential need in his home: he had no children. He could have taken pity on himself, let bitterness and sadness overcome him, but instead he chose to offer these people shelter and food. This gesture was the trigger of his miracle: a few months later, he fathered a son, Isaac, and eventually became the father of a multitude of nations.

When the Samaritan woman, thirsty for marriage, went to the well to fetch water and met the Lord Jesus, she did not want to keep this good news to all to herself. Instead, she left her jug to proclaim the good news to the people of the land, becoming a source of blessing for the salvation of many (John 4:28-30).

Beloved, so long as you remain centered on yourself, on your own needs, so as to quench your own thirst, you will not be able to manifest the rivers of living water that God has planned for you. React to your neighbor and do not be selfish. Instead, develop love and compassion, in order to provide a solution to the needs of others. It is then that you will trigger your miracle and will thus be, in turn, a source of blessing for many.

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