Do you want to increase your confidence? Contemplate the greatness of God !

Do you want to increase your confidence? Contemplate the greatness of God !

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I would like to share with you a personal testimony: a few years ago, the doctors at Vases d’Honneur Church organized a health check campaign for the church. I took part and did a blood test. A week later, one of my spiritual daughters thoroughly alarmed, came to give me the results: according to them, it seemed that I had serious liver problems because my transaminase levels were ten times higher than normal. “Pastor, we need to do further analysis to find out a little more” she told me all worried … She was looking at the high level of transaminases, but I was looking at GOD’s greatness. I was calm, serene and confident because I had faith in Him who created the liver. And because of that, I simply spent my time worshiping His greatness.

She took another blood sample and the next day I coolly went to eat pizza with my children when she called me on the phone: “Pastor, it’s amazing! We can’t find anything abnormal with your blood!”. She told me all about the hustle and bustle in the lab because the results had to be checked several times; they re-examined the blood of the first sample: the level of transaminases was ten times higher than normal. They then reexamined the second blood sample and noted that there wasn’t just a decrease of the excessive level – It outrightly came back to normal! The laboratory team, including the managers, didn’t understand how within a week such a change in transaminase levels could be possible. God is great !

Contemplating the greatness of the Lord gave me confidence before this situation. Confidence is one of the ingredients of faith (Hebrews 11: 1). The disciples lacked this confidence, as they were frightened by the storm that was shaking their boat, as they were going across the lake. They woke up the Master who slept peacefully, despite the tumult. “Where is your faith?”, asked Jesus after ordering the storm to calm down.

You know, we lack confidence when we put our faith in the circumstances, in the difficulties. Where is your faith? Is it on the unemployment issues striking the country or in the power of God who provides and who can give you a job? Do you put it in your age and in the fast approaching menopause or in this God who gave Sara a child, at the age of 90 years?

Stop “admiring” the magnitude of the challenge you have! If you want to gain confidence, develop your worship and beholding of God. Learn to behold Him in His greatness, in His omnipotence. You will then minimize the problems you are faced with and this will give you confidence, serenity and consequently, victory!

Remember this for the week: “In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength” (Isaiah 30:15)

May God bless you [user:firstname | default:Beloved]

Pastor Mohammed


 My Bible Scripture
Hebrews 11: 1 

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen’‘.


   1 Chronicles 29: 11

 “Yours, O LORD, is the greatness, The power and the glory, The victory and the majesty; For all that is in heaven and in earth is Yours; Yours is the kingdom, O LORD, And You are exalted as head over all“.


   2 Chronicles 20: 6

 “He said: “O LORD God of our fathers, are You not God in heaven, and do You not rule over all the kingdoms of the nations, and in Your hand is there not power and might, so that no one is able to withstand You ?”


     Hebrews 13 : 6

So we may boldly say: ” The LORD is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me ?


        Psalm 27 : 3

” Though an army may encamp against me, My heart shall not fear; Though war may rise against me, In this I will be confident “.


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