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«Therefore, may God give you of the dew of heaven, Of the fatness of the earth, And plenty of grain and wine. Let peoples serve you, and nations bow down to you. Be master over your brethren, and let your mother’s sons bow down to you. Cursed be everyone who curses you, and blessed be those who bless you!” »: this is the blessing given by Jacob for his son Isaac in Genesis 27 :28-29. I am declaring the same blessing over your life for this year 2020, on behalf of the Lord!

May God give you the dew of heaven: the dew always comes down very early in the morning. This is divine favor and I declare on your life that all your days in 2020 will begin with grace and favor!  May your life be divinely refreshed, in the name of Jesus!

May God grant you the fatness of the earth…: grease enables a mechanism to function properly and make things easier. I declare that any work you do on this earth will be facilitated by the Lord. If up till now things have been complicated for you in certain areas of your life, I declare in the name of Jesus that a special grace follows you because you are receiving the fat of the earth that makes them easy! May your work bear fruit! May the earth bear the fruit of your seed easily, in the name of Jesus! May you reap a hundredfold what you sow, in the name of Jesus!

May the dew of Heaven and the fat of the earth which God grants you make the drought of your life disappear!  I declare this blessing on your life in the name of Jesus!

May God grant you wheat and wine in abundance: Wheat is food and wine is tied to joy! All the resources you need are granted to you in the name of Jesus! You enjoy it in the joy and peace of the Lord, in the name of Jesus!  I am not talking about alcoholic wine, but about the joy that the Father gives you in this year 2020. He restores your soul! Do not be drunk of wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit!

Let nations bow down to you: I declare on your life that God raises you to a position of authority! Receive the favor of a divine promotion, in the name of Jesus! If many have been promoted in your entourage but not you, know that a divine catch-up is taking place in your life this year. Receive this word from the Lord in the name of Jesus!

Be the master of your brothers, and let the sons of your mother bow down before you: In your family and in your home, you become a source of blessing! I am not saying that you will be adored by your family members. Do not take the word “prostrated” literally. Joseph had dreams where he saw the sheaves of his brothers, the sun, the moon and the stars bow down before him. That didn’t mean he was going to become their god.  However, he was elevated to a position where he was the solution to the famine problem that affected Egypt and the surrounding countries, including his family! Even if you are the youngest, know that you are the answer to your family’s problem. You are a source of blessing, the instrument that God will use to meet their needs! Receive this word, in the name of Jesus!

Cursed be he that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee: I declare that any incantation or curse uttered against you to plan a misfortune in your life is of no effect, in the name of Jesus! You are an anointed of the Lord and therefore untouchable, in the name of Jesus! Whatever that is plotted against you is revealed and doomed to fail in this year 2020, in the name of Jesus! The mark of the Holy Spirit is upon you! God stands against anyone who seeks to fight you! Know also that God will bless all those who will do you good, in the name of Jesus, and they will continue to do you good when they see that this produces divine favour in their lives!

Beloved, receive with faith these words of blessing at the beginning of this year. They are yes and amen in your life! So it is in the name of Jesus. Amen, amen, amen!

God bless you !

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