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The biblical scripture that asks us to honor our parents in Ephesians 6:2 is preceded by the one that talks about obedience to parents: “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” (Ephesians 6:1). To obey God the Heavenly Father is to honor Him. You cannot claim to honor the Lord without obeying Him!

To obey someone is to submit to that person by complying with what that person commands or forbids. Matthew 21:28-31 tells us the story of two sons from the same father. The father commanded one of them to go and work in his vineyard. The son refused, but with regret, he later obeyed his father and went into the vineyard. The father made the same request to his other son. “The latter replied, ‘Yes, my Lord, I am going !’ But he did not go” (Matthew 21:30). Which of the two obeyed his father? The first one did, did he not?

Among the children of God, there are many who are like the second son. They say yes with their mouths to the commandments of the heavenly Father, but in deeds, they do not obey. By doing so, they dishonor the Lord !

I remember a few years ago, when I was a student in Yamoussoukro and I was faithful to the Assemblies of God church, friends from other prayer cells and I wanted to organize, with the late Prophet Kacou Sévérin, a powerful evangelization program. But on D-Day, when my Pastor and spiritual father (of the Assemblies of God) learned that I was the first to be involved in the organization of this program, he ordered me… to cancel the crusade!  Prophet Kacou Sévérin was already on the Platform.  And on that day, the sick were numerous, thirsty for the Word and divine healing. What were we to do? Maintain the program all the same since it was God’s work after all? No! I honored my pastor and had to obey, even though it was a difficult decision to make. I took my courage in both hands and explained to the prophet Kacou Sévérin the order I had received from my pastor and then I took my microphone to simply announce the cancellation of the crusade! Prophet Kacou, aware of the honor that is due to the fathers, congratulated me for this act of obedience to my pastor. The Lord also approved my obedience, and I later saw the fruit of this act in my life and ministry.

Beloved, if we want to honor the Lord, our heavenly Father, we must learn to obey His orders, His commandments. Has God commanded you to put an end to this guilty relationship you have with a particular person? Stop looking for justification and obey!  Did He command you to ask forgiveness from that person you had an argument with, even if you feel you are 1000% right? Obey! Did the Father command you to wake up at 2:30 am in the morning to pray? Obey! Stop with this sinful life and obey God’s commandments!

“But this is the command I have given them: ‘Listen to My voice and I will be your God, and you will be My people; walk in all the ways I command you, that you may be blessed,’ says the Lord in Jeremiah 7:23. Yes, obeying God is not only a sign that you honor Him and love Him, but it is more than beneficial to you.  “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best of the land,” Isaiah 1:9 tells you.

So choose to honor the Heavenly Father and be an obedient son/daughter for the Lord and you will see His glory!

May God bless you!

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