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I would like to speak to you today about divine grace. In Genesis 6:8-9, it is written, “But Noah found favor in the sight of the LORD. These are the descendants of Noah. Noah was a righteous and upright man in his time; Noah walked with God. As you can see, the Word of God speaks first of the divine grace that Noah received, before speaking of his integrity and walking with God. This simply means that it is because Noah found grace in the eyes of God that he was able to walk with integrity with the Lord.

People who obtain divine breakthroughs and experience the divine supernatural are those who benefit from divine grace. Nothing at first suggests that a blessing is about to be manifested, based on circumstances, environment or context. How would you react if I announced to you, on behalf of the Lord, that tomorrow (yes, I say tomorrow) your situation would change positively? Would you believe this word or would you consider it a slogan to which you just have to respond amen, without conviction? Do you consider yourself not holy enough to deserve such a favor from God? If you feel this way, you will believe that you deserve to win if you have a good prayer life and a life of sanctification.  Unfortunately, this system of thinking deprives you of God’s grace!

Those who think that they have earned God’s blessing through a life of sanctification and diligent prayer have not yet understood what divine grace is.   It is, on the contrary, an unmerited favor that God grants to whomever and however He wills.

If you look at your diplomas or your account, or even at any possession, it is because you do not believe in God’s grace that does not depend on these elements.

No one can buy God, through prayers, overnight prayers, fasting. If you manage to pray, to fast, to watch, it is precisely because you have found grace in the eyes of the Lord. What I am talking about is sometimes very subtle and many Christians fall into this trap and deprive themselves of divine grace.  Remember what I told you earlier: it is because Noah found grace in the eyes of God that he was able to remain upright and walk with God. It is not because he was upright that he obtained grace!

“(…) Where sin abounded, grace abounded much more,” says the Bible in Romans 5:20. Beware, I do not encourage you to walk according to your own understanding or in sin to tell you that you would get answers to prayer just by the grace of God. “Would we remain in sin so that grace would overflow? Far from it,” the Scriptures warn in Romans 6:1-2a. It is precisely God’s grace that gives you the strength to pray, to walk in sanctification, and to obtain fulfillment.

Those who reign through Jesus Christ are those who receive the abundance of grace from the Lord, as Romans 5:17 states. “Let the word of Christ dwell among you in abundance, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing to God in your hearts under the inspiration of grace” (Colossians 3:16).

Beloved, believe in divine grace. Believe that it is divine grace that inspires you to have a life of prayer and consecration! Believe that it is divine grace that will grant you this child that you and your spouse have been seeking for so long! Believe that it is by divine grace and not by your charm or beauty that you will be able to get married! Believe that it is by divine grace that you will be able to obtain this business deal and not by your relationships! Believe that it is by the grace of your Heavenly Father that you will succeed. Believe also that it is by His grace that you will succeed and don’t look at your level of education! Count on His grace and not on your works or acquisitions, so you will see the glory of God!

May God bless you!

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