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I would like to encourage you to rely on the Truth of what the Lord says, whatever the reality of the situation you are going through. So, I am sharing with you an experience that Peter had.

He was a professional fisherman. He chose to fish at night, a favourable time for fishermen because at nightfall, fish go closer to the shore. He and his companions used all sorts of techniques to attract fish into their nets, without success. In the morning, they began to wash their nets on the shore, resigned to return home empty-handed when the Lord Jesus came. He got into Peter’s boat and, after preaching the gospel to the crowd, commanded him to go out into the open water and cast out the nets. Peter might have been offended if a non-professional fisherman had come to give him false hope!  Master, we worked all night and caught nothing; but at your word I will cast the net, he said though. A miracle! He and his companions “caught a great quantity of fish and their nets broke” (Luke 5:4-6)!

Peter decided to put aside all his experience and expertise in fishing and obey. He relied on the Word of Christ and experienced a miraculous catch. Likewise, Abraham did not look at his worn-out body or at the menopause or the barrenness of his wife Sarah. “Hoping against all hope, he believed, so that he became the father of many nations, as it was said to him, ‘This will be your seed. And without weakening in faith, he did not consider that his body was already worn out, being almost a hundred years old, and that Sarah was no longer able to bear children», says the Bible in Romans 4:18-19. Yes, Abraham believed in what God had told him and he experienced the miracle called Isaac.

Beloved, it is important that you rely on the Word of the Lord and walk according to what He has told you. What has the Lord told you? What He has told you is what must matter, no matter what the flesh, science and the world says. Don’t rely on what you see, what you feel, what you experience, what they tell you. Remember that “the righteous shall live by faith” according to Hebrews 10:38, so don’t listen to the world’s suggestion that you should go out into the world to find a partner because your age is advancing and the marriage is slow in coming. Don’t give in to those who offer you corruption to get the contract you want!

Confront the Truth of the Word to the reality of the situation you are living in. Didn’t He say that you are healed by His stripes? Rely on this word, no matter what the doctor’s diagnosis is and no matter what symptoms you see. You will experience healing and divine health will be your portion. Didn’t He say that He is with you every day, until the end of the world? Don’t try to feel His presence before believing He is here. They want you to believe that because of the sins of your ancestors, you can’t move forward? Proclaim that you have been redeemed at the price of the blood of Jesus Christ and this silences all voices of complaint!

I don’t know what your challenges are. Examine the Word of God and believe firmly in what God is saying about your situation. Remember His promises to you and walk according to what the Lord has told you, just as Peter did. Choose to believe and proclaim what He has told you, relying on Christ the Rock, for He alone allows you to hope against all hope.

May God bless you !

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