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The Bible recounts in the Book of Judges, from chapter 13 to chapter 16, the story of Judge Samson, to whom God had given an extraordinary strength to defeat the Philistines, enemies of Israel. But his love for women, his negligence in doing God’s work, and his disregard for the precious covenant with God made led him to fall into the trap of the Philistines. The razor was never to pass over his head but after he was seduced by a woman named Delilah, he ended up revealing the secret of his strength and he lost all his power. And the Philistines plucked out his eyes, and held him captive.

Verse 22 of Judges 16 particularly draws my attention: « However, the hair of his head began to grow again after it had been shaven ». The Lord did not agree with Samson’s actions, but He showed His mercy and turned the situation in his favor. Samson regained his strength and killed all the lords of the Philistines and a whole crowd of 3,000 gathered in one place.

Like Samson, your current situation may be the result of mistakes or failures due to your bad choices or bad decisions. Since then, like Samson who was a grinder in the prison (Judges 16:21), you may have gone round in circles. Like Samson who had been brought down to Gaza, you may have come down very low in your spiritual, financial, professional, social life, etc.

In the face of the situation that you are experiencing, let me tell you about the God of ‘However’, of the God who turns situations around. He is full of love and mercy for you. He is not done with you yet.  

The trigger of the new divine intervention in Samson’s life was the growth of his hair; indeed, they had begun to grow again. Growth implies multiplication.

Everything seems to be at a standstill in your life but God is going to start growing something new out of your life again. Above all, do not despise what will constitute “the first hair” in your situation. The disciples and the crowd who experienced the multiplication of the loaves did not neglect the five loaves and two fishes they had at their disposal, which were the starting point of Jesus’ miracle (John 6:1-15).

 Samson did not look at his blind state but believed in divine mercy and the ultimate divine intervention, out of pure grace. The Philistines didn’t even realize the hair was growing back. You too, do not look at what is not working but ask God to open your eyes so that you look at what God has started to do in your life. He is the God who makes the impossible become possible, even the most unimaginable ones.  Believe in Him: He will surprise your enemies as He surprised the Philistines. Samson finally accomplished his mission: to exterminate the lords of the Philistines and an enemy crowd. “Those whom he killed at his death were more numerous than those whom he killed in his lifetime,” Judges 16:30 says.

Your God picks you out of your mistakes and faults because He is merciful; He’s turning the situation in your favor. The God of the “However” visits you and changes your history. In the name of Jesus, I declare over your life that through this visitation you receive the blessing of growth, of multiplication, of divine acceleration.

May God bless you.

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