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I would like to share with you a scripture from John 1:12: “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the power to become children of God, to those who believe in His name”. Why doesn’t the Bible simply say that all those who believe in Jesus become children of God? Why is the term “power” used in our background scripture?

Imagine someone offers you a bottle of mineral water and you put it on a table. If you don’t use your power as the owner of the water, it won’t quench your thirst. You must open it and drink it! You have to use your status as the owner of this water! It is the same with your status as a child of God. If you have believed in Jesus Christ, if you have received Him as Lord and Saviour (if you have not yet done so, I encourage you to do so in order to enter into a covenant with the Father), you automatically receive the power to become a child of God.  This means that you have received the ability, the necessary energy to become a son/daughter of God.

But to be able to enjoy this status, you must first deeply believe in your status as a child of God. “For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus”, the Holy Scriptures tell us (Galatians 3:26). Yes, Beloved in the faith! If you have believed, then you must seize the power that is given to you through your status as a son/daughter of God. You must proclaim it; you must behave as a child of God who has the divinity of his/her heavenly Father in him/her. You must believe also that this status takes precedence over your status as a child of your biological parents.

In your biological family, is diabetes a hereditary disease? Maybe nobody gets married. Is poverty passed on from generation to generation? You can’t get rid of that biological bond, but you can get rid of the spiritual bond that bounds you to your family by seizing your power as a child of God. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new”, says 2 Corinthians 5:17. Yes, because you are now in Christ, you must reject all the faults inherited from your biological family and proclaim loud and clear that you are the child of  the Almighty God. Your Heavenly Father does not fall sick and does not transmit any sickness to you; your Heavenly Father is able to give you a husband/wife; He is rich (Haggai 2:8 ; Philippians 4:19), etc.

Christians who do not seize this power as children of God, which they received through Christ, become subject to family bonds and are perpetually fighting against hereditary family ties. The enemy will always seek to make you doubt your status as a child of God as he tried with Christ in the wilderness (Matthew 4:6-7). Do not listen to him!

You are a child of God! Walk and live according to this identity! This status gives you the power to spiritually break free from the bonds of your biological family and connect with your heavenly Father. As I told you in my exhortation last week, the Spirit of Christ does not just speak and say that God is your Father. He cries out: ”Abba ! Father!” to silence every contrary voice that wants to make you doubt that you are truly a child of God! Your heavenly Father loves you with infinite love, He gives you divine health, He blesses you, He fights for you, He takes care of you as any father would for the good of his son/daughter!

It is up to you to choose what affiliation you want to have with God. By seizing the power given to you in John 1:12, choose to be in a covenant with God and you will be able to fully enjoy your status as a child of God!

May God bless you!

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